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000469 - cool,calm,collected II

Allison James

Allison James is an abstract artist from Perry, Georgia. She attended Georgia Southern University where she earned her BFA in drawing, painting, and printmaking. Allison’s work is heavily carried by color, negative space, and the story their relationship can tell. Her constant sources of inspiration come from a combination of graffiti, street styles, conversations from her past, interior design, and some of her favorite artists – Rothko, Matisse, Warhol, Basquiat, and Rauschenburg. Allison currently works out of her studio in Perry, GA where she lives with her husband Brandon and their golden Reggie.

Words from Allison...

"For me, it’s about creating something new, interesting, slightly flawed, but beautiful. I am driven by the need to fill a void in people’s lives and homes through my artwork - to put a little happiness into someone’s life through my paintings. It’s vital to me to tell my story through my pieces and in turn, leaving them up for total interpretation to create a new narrative through their collector’s eyes. I feel like I’m contributing to the greater good somehow, in my own way. I’m a healer at heart so all of this goes hand-in-hand."

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