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“moonlight and cocktails #3” $750, 15.5x19.25 professional archival gold and acrylic frami

Kellie Lawler

There has always been a creative element in my life. I was very passionate about art in my youth and developed my skills at my high school in Baltimore, MD which provided an extensive elective art program. At Brown University, I played Division I Lacrosse, and despite my intention to take art classes at the neighboring Rhode Island School of Design, my focus shifted to sports and my studies not leaving time for much else. I left Providence in 1999 with a BA in Psychology. My husband’s journey in the medical field has moved us around often and landed our family in the Alabama. As busy as we've been over the years, adding four children into the mix along the way, something was always missing. Curiosity lead me to dust off a decades-old art portfolio and peek through my old love. At that moment I knew I was about to start a new chapter of my life. 

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