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Kym De Los Reyes

Kym De Los Reyes is a versatile, energetic painter who specializes in colorful abstracts and impressionistic Landscapes. Her vibrant style is the outcome of trusting artistic choices to blend color, form and texture. Intuition is vital!

 Kym’s paintings are filled with expression and energetic moments that breathe life and personality to moving tactile surfaces. She believes that art is intended to evoke a feeling from the viewer. Her subjects vary in narrative, but her impression and interpretation is always designed to draw an audience in and evoke joy. 

A native Southern-Californian, Kym is establishing a presence in her community and nationally. Her work is currently being collected through-out the U.S. Her art has been exhibited with fine arts galleries and sold in California, South Carolina, North Corlina, Georgia, Florida and Hawaii. Currently, Kym is represented in 9 different fine art galleries and design houses. Her current pieces can also be viewed at

She is licensed with companies such as Prestige art trends and Image Counsious.

Along with the fine art galleries, Kym’s artwork has been featured commercially in television, retail and magazines, industrial marts and in world famous hotels!!


She is grateful for the opportunities this journey is taking her.

 Kym holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Cal State University, Long Beach. She is a faithful, happy wife and blessed mother of two!

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