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Nazneen Sheriff

Nazneen is a visual artist. She is an international selling artist. She has intuitive and a playful painting style. Color compositions, texture, layers and different kind of materials draws her a lot of inspiration. She values humanity and treasures relations hence emotions and instances of daily life plays a vital role and reflects in her work. Art is a form of transcendental meditation to her. It transports her to a different dimension. She is always found experimenting in her home studio with her artwork that she creates with helps her to discover the unseen, unheard and unthought world that she wants to bring to art lovers. She is in a constant state of flux with materials and working method as every image seems to suggest a different tool.

She quit her Instructional Design career to  happily pursue her art passion. She likes to connect to her art admirers and art collectors. She lives happily with her loving, supportive husband and three children. 


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